Coalition for 
Sustainable Development

Coalition for Sustainable Development unites non-governmental organizations, private sector enterprises and state institutions in order to support the United Nations sustainable development agenda. The coalition came out with a good-will memorandum to show their commitment to helping Estonia reach sustainable development goals, with their expertise and actions.

Estonia’s sustainable development principles have been determined by the National Strategy on Sustainable Development “Sustainable Estonia 21”. The strategy basics are derived from the Law on Sustainable Development adopted by the Riigikogu in 1995. This Act sets out regulations on sustainable use of the natural environment and natural resources. The National Strategy on Sustainable Development “Sustainable Estonia 21” was completed under the coordination of the Ministry of the Environment in 2005. This constitutes as a strategy for developing the Estonian state and society until 2030. The strategy was completed in close cooperation between the experts and the stakeholders. The adoption of the strategy was preceded by a thorough public discussion.

The aim of the strategy is to combine the requirements for success arising from the global competition with the preservation of sustainable development principles and Estonia’s traditional values. The National Strategy “Sustainable Estonia 21” proposes objectives and policies contributing to the sustainable development of Estonia.