Striped socks with bear applique

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Dark brown and grey striped woollen socks with dog's wool and cute felted bear's face applique. Handknit socks made 100% in Estonia. We knit our socks to be with slightly higher cuff than usual.
We measure our socks in centimetres, adult socks come in sizes 22cm-30cm.

This knitwear has been made from the very rare wool of the Estonian Native Sheep. Wool offers the best heat control in northern climate. Wool regulates the heat and humidity and will help to ensure right and healthy body temperature. It is a warm, water repellent and breathable material that keeps the warmth even when damp. We don’t dye our knitwear, all the colours come from the differences of the sheep wool.

It is very important to us that the whole process of production is made with social responsibility in mind and takes place in Estonia, thus keeping the ecological footprint small. The sheep live a long healthy stress-free life. The Native Estonian Sheep is a breed in danger of extinction. There are only a few enthusiasts who still deal with the keeping and preservation so that this rare breed survives.

By buying knitwear from Villapai you are helping to preserve this very rare breed of Estonian Native Sheep.