Hoppediz half buckle London

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New Hoppediz half buckle carrier is light and easy, you'll get the feeling of wearing your baby in a wrap but more suitable for those who really don't like the idea of actually wrapping with a 5m long cloth. 

  • Suitable for wearers with a waist circumference of up to 160cm (depending on web width) and for children with a weight from 3kg to 20kg, no insert for newborns needed.
  • Rollable hood (headrest)
  • Flexible base (20 to 40cm)
  • Padded waist straps (each approx. 80cm long and 8cm wide) made of carrier fabric.
  • Waistbelt is closed with a safety buckle
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps that can be fanned out and which consist of the carrier fabric (length approx 220 x 25cm) 
  • Suitable for also back- and hip-carrying. Easy to get a good high seat for the baby when back-carrying. 

Carrying panel: approx 38cm wide, 40 cm long (65cm including headrest/hood)
Material: 100% cotton (tested for harmful substances)